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Apr 2015
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Network Innovation Allowance
This project is a transfer from an existing IFI project, whose purpose is to determine whether it is possible to develop a non-intrusive product that ultrasonically determines the condition of a wood pole. To deliver the project aims there is a need for an instrument that is easy to use in the field, takes non intrusive measurements, and has the ability to operate at ground level over the entire length of the pole. Such an instrument would prevent the need for digging around the base of the pole disturbing previously good ground conditions, or climbing the pole to make measurements at height. In order to create such a product, the majority of the trial will be conducted in a lab due to the low TRL of the innovation.

This project aims to complete a technical study into the feasibility for such a device with the milestones and deliverables as laid out below.


  • M2.1 – Requirements Specification capture

  • M2.2 – Mechanical Design of alpha-prototype rig and scanning head

  • M2.3 – Manufacturing of alpha-prototype rig

  • M2.4 – Production of Prototype Study Report


  • D2.1 – Prototype Study Report

  • D2.2 – Detailed Proposal for 2nd phase development and exploitation activities
  1. Demonstrate the underlying physics principles can detect a change of wood condition
  2. Define the mechanical design of the prototype test rig
  3. Manufacture the prototype rig
  4. Evaluate the performance of the prototype rig in  a lab environment
  1. Successfully demonstrate the ability of the underlying physics

  2. Build a prototype that is able to detect a change in wood condition