Feb 2013
Electricity Distribution
DISCERN Knowledge Transfer
Feb 2013
May 2016
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks and Southern Electric Power Distribution
SSEN Future Networks Team
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Network Innovation Allowance
Network Monitoring
This IFI/NIA DISCERN Knowledge Transfer project lasts for 3 years to mirror the duration of the FP7 DISCERN project.

The IFI/NIA project facilitates SEPD’s participation as a partner in the FP7 DISCERN project, providing access to the significant resources provided by the project participants themselves and the broad range of solutions implemented by DSO/DNOs in their demonstration site projects, with SEPD’s participation drawing on the NTVV project.

Various monitoring systems, including communications and algorithms, have already been installed at the demonstration site locations within the DSO/DNO participant networks and further additional installations will be undertaken within the scope of DISCERN. The FP7 DISCERN project will build on these implementations by collating information on the systems and devices used, investigating the replicability and scalability of the solutions implemented, developing an understanding of optimal solutions, investigating the associated costs, making recommendations and providing communication tools to facilitate replicability of the solutions.

SEPD’s role is to provide data and information, inform project direction, and contribute to the development and review of project outputs. Rather than funding the installation of hardware, the IFI/NIA funding facilitates this participation.

The objectives of SEPD’s participation in DISCERN are:

• Knowledge relating to a range of Smart Grid sub-functionalities obtained from other partners' research & demonstration sites and from simulations, provided through DISCERN deliverables and simulation outputs
• Increased understanding of how much intelligence to incorporate on a distribution network and the replicability & scalability of solutions across different networks, provided through DISCERN deliverables and simulation outputs
• Development and experience of implementing Use Case & SGAM methodologies and related design tools such that these can be applied within the business beyond DISCERN use and contribution can be made to GB industry discussions on SGAM use; development and experience of implementing a comprehensive semantic model
• Representation of GB DNO interests within the European FP7 project, provision of GB relevant networks for simulation modeling, and feeding relevant developments and information on the direction of work undertaken in Europe to GB industry bodies

The DISCERN Knowledge Transfer project will be considered successful when:

• studies and research directly relevant to SEPD, which is beyond the scope of areas to be addressed within NTVV, is made available for incorporation into both business and innovation strategic thinking• knowledge relating to a range of Smart Grid sub-functionalities not yet being investigated within the business is made available from other FP7 DISCERN partners' research & demonstration sites and from simulations, supporting decisions on how networks are built, managed and operated• knowledge of such factors as systems architecture, Use Cases & SGAM, semantic models and CIM, is improved across operational and innovation areas of the business, as well as ICT, such that it is possible to take a view on the potential development, relevance and applicability of such approaches within the business from a BAU perspective• SEPD has successfully met all of its obligations as a project partner to the FP7 DISCERN project, and ensured that project outputs do not go against GB interests, specifically those forming recommendations to standards authorities