Dec 2020
Electricity Distribution
Low Voltage Feeder Cable Open Circuit Detection
Dec 2020
Sep 2022
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution and Southern Electric Power Distribution
Colin Mathieson
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Network Innovation Allowance
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LV & 11kV Networks
The purpose of the Low Voltage Feeder Cable Open Circuit Detection proposal is to develop the technology and equipment to a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) that will prove the application of locating Open Circuit faults accurately in the above scenarios.
The projects objectives are as follows;

1.       To prove the concept and confirm the ability to accurately detect open circuit cable faults.

2.       Production to a level of TRL 8 technology with the device enabling a Field Operative to accurately identify an open circuit cable fault, on an operational LV Network, reducing time Customers are off supply at time of fault or subsequent planned outages. This will including locating open circuit fault when power has been restored to the customer.