Nov 2020
Electricity Distribution
Near Real-time Data Access (NeRDA)
Nov 2020
May 2022
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks and Southern Electric Power Distribution
Colin Mathieson
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Transition to low carbon future
Commercial and Comms & IT
This is a small scale demonstrator project which will make near real-time data available to stakeholders.  This will be tested by engaging with stakeholders including those already involved in ongoing Local energy innovation projects.
The project will make near real-time data for the Oxfordshire area available to stakeholders and will assess its usefulness to them.

This will be enabled through the implementation of a technology solution for near real-time DNO data within the SEPD licence area to enable its collation and presentation through an Application Protocol Interface (API).

The project will assess the usability of the data through this API with stakeholder groups such as local community energy action initiatives Local Energy Oxford (LEO) and Flexr Beta User Group (BUG).