Mar 2020
Electricity Distribution
Mar 2020
Jun 2021
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks and Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution
Peter Taddei
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - New technologies and commercial evolution
Project TraDER will deliver a neutral market platform, the operation can either be centralised (operated by a neutral market facilitator), or decentralised (overseen by multiple governing authorities). Both the governance structure and the commercial model will be studied and determined throughout the project.
TraDER is not a dispatch platform, rather a marketplace based around the principles of self-dispatch. Moreover, TraDER is not looking to replace the residual market, rather to gradually aggregate liquidity in near real time, traded markets.
SSEN will act as a facilitator to TraDER by: 

Delivering data from the ANM system currently operating in Orkney. 
Enabling changes to the ANM system in order to execute trades created by the TraDER platform.
In return, TraDER will deliver outputs which will allow SSEN to assess the impact of –

How trades can be implemented on the ANM scheme eg. changes to Last In First Out (LIFO) connection order, and associated costs to SSEN.
Scale of the market to ensure implementation costs can be recovered by SSEN.
Allows SSEN to assess the preferred Neutral Market Facilitator (NFM) model of 3rd parties.  This assessment can feed into wider DSO related projects being undertaken by SSEN