Mar 2020
Electricity Distribution
Future Fiscal Forecasting
Mar 2020
Dec 2020
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks and Southern Electric Power Distribution
SSEN Innovation Project Manager – George Simopoulos
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Transition to low carbon future and ED - Customer and stakeholder focus
Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies, Environmental and Stakeholder Engagement
This project will use GB Settlements sourced ‘fiscal’ metering in combination with SCADA data and weather data to:

1)         forecast energy consumption for a Distribution Service Area and disaggregate this into the corresponding GSPs i.e. the SEPD DSA and 18 GSPs;
2)         Forecast energy consumption for a sample of HV feeders with a high uptake of demand or generation (two generation dominated, and two demand dominated)
Project findings will be communicated in a written report and shared amongst GB DNO experts via a face to face workshop.
The project objectives include: 

·         assessment of the availability and suitability of current and future data sources which could provide more detailed fiscal forecasting of energy volumes;

·         an assessment of methodology to be used; and
a quantitative evaluation of the level of accuracy of the new forecasting model