Jan 2020
Electricity Distribution
Whole System Growth Scenario Modelling Phase 2
Jan 2020
Jul 2021
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks and Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution
SSEN NIA Programme Delivery Manager – Joe McNeil
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Transition to low carbon future and ED - Customer and stakeholder focus
This project follows on from NIA_SSEN_0030 Whole-System Growth Scenario Modelling, which developed an initial model tool which demonstrated network impacts and informed possible investment decisions over a two-decade time period.
1 Enhance a model tool to incorporate new governmental targets for economic and sustainable action plans and provide greater granularity by incorporating the 11kv network. 

2 Understand the possible patterns of change associated with the Scottish Government 2045 climate change targets (Note: the UK target is 2050) in the distribution networks served by a single Grid Supply Point in an area of accelerated EV growth.  Develop optimum solutions to meet whole system needs.

3 Validate and calibrate inputs for whole system planning with existing or planned requirements/expectations for the Local Authorities to avoid unnecessary extra work in producing local energy plans/strategies.   

4 Develop a methodology and framework that allows the two-way transfer of knowledge and understanding between network operators and those that make investment decisions in the areas served by the network, to facilitate efficient whole system planning.