Sep 2019
Electricity Distribution
Technical Interfaces to Scale as a DSO
Sep 2019
Sep 2021
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks
Colin Mathieson
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Transition to low carbon future
Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies
As part of the implementation of the Distribution System Operator (DSO) role, safe and secure communication with customers is critical for enabling flexible connections and flexibility services. This is important to create a liquid market for flexibility services and allow as many participants as possible across use cases. In addition, there is a need for lower cost means of integrating Distributed Energy Resources (DER) than current methods. It is particularly the case when we require to scale these initiatives to ensure we can retain the integrity of our systems while interacting with all customers, large or small.
This project will deliver:

1.             A review of interfaces and end-point devices from international trials and deployments

2.             A review of cyber security risks and impacts

3.             A functional specification document in phase 1 to inform trial in phase 2

4.             A trial at the PNDC to garner practical experience with the most promising interfaces

5.             A detailed specification document for DSO interfaces built up from all the learning trials