Jul 2019
Electricity Distribution
E Tourism
Jul 2019
Sep 2022
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks and Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution
SSEN NIA Programme Delivery Manager –Joe McNeil
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Transition to low carbon future
Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies, Electric Vehicles and Resilience
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1.     Understand how increased EV uptake and tourist patterns will impact seasonal peak demand on the network.

2.     Identify the scale, location and duration of any increased charging demand broadly for the North of Scotland followed by an in-depth study of specific locations.

3.     Enhance stakeholder engagement for helping local community groups, local authorities and other organisations to understand impacts of heightened EV tourism will have on local demand.

4.     Identify suitable local flexible solutions to assist in demand management during seasonal peaks but also benefiting residents all year round.   These solutions may extend beyond charge points only to options such as valet charging.

5.     Inform investment strategies for network development based on expected impacts of EV uptake and tourist patterns.