Mar 2019
Electricity Distribution
Informed Lightning Protection
Mar 2019
Mar 2023
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution and Southern Electric Power Distribution
Joe McNeil
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Network improvements and system operability, ED - Safety and health and environment
Health and Safety and Network Monitoring
Lightning strikes are known to cause a significant number of supply interruptions to our customers.  In our Scottish Network, lighting strikes are the second highest cause of customer interruptions and minutes lost and in our Southern Network it is the fifth highest cause.  Therefore, there is a need to reduce the impact that lighting related faults have on our customers.
1)       Develop a ‘point in time’ lightning analysis tool that can be used to locate lightning protection equipment in the most optimal way i.e. integrate various data sets and update visual display as described in phase 1a and 1b above.

2)       Install lightning protection equipment in ‘optimal’ locations provided by the lightning analysis tool.

3)       Monitor and analyse fault data to confirm effectiveness of lightning protection.

4)       Update internal policies and procedures if the project is successful.

5)       Share learnings with wider audience.