Oct 2016
Electricity Transmission
Non-Intrusive Assessment Techniques for Tower Foundations
Oct 2016
Nov 2017
SP Energy Networks and SP Transmission
Chris Halliday
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Network Innovation Allowance
Maintenance & Inspection, Condition Monitoring and Electricity Transmission Networks
The scope of this project is to undertake laboratory tests and practical trial applications on a sample of transmission towers, sufficient to measure the suitability and performance of the techniques.

The primary deliverable will be a report demonstrating how effective the two approaches, vibration and ground penetrating radar are, both separately and in combination. In some respects, the approaches are complementary, and it is expected that they will reveal different aspects of the structure. If the effectiveness of the methods is demonstrated, further optional deliverables may be pursued:

  • Software to facilitate the use of the techniques by non-experts.
  • Training in the use of the techniques by non-experts.
The project will be considered successful if the aforementioned objectives are realised.