Dec 2014
Electricity Distribution
Medium Voltage DC (MVDC)
Dec 2014
Dec 2015
SP Energy Networks and SP Transmission
James Yu (Future Networks Manager)
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Network Innovation Allowance
Stakeholder Engagement and Electricity Transmission Networks
Undertake cost benefit analysis and stakeholder engagement to investigate and develop the needs case for an MVDC demonstration facility. Perform network studies to de-risk the implementation opportunities for MVDC technology solutions on Scottish Power’s Network.

Identify key risks, projection constraints and mitigation measures to ensure a robust and realistic proposal.

Effectively present the proposal to external stakeholders in due course to maximise the knowledge dissemination in line with the NIA governance.

  1. To progress detailed network studies to determine the suitability of MVDC as a reinforcement solution in specific cases.
  1. To effectively engage the MVDC supply chain and carry out wider stakeholder engagement to determine the wider benefits of MVDC across UK distribution and transmission networks.

The key output of both 1) and 2) is to build confidence in the concept of MVDC solutions and ensure that the technical and cost input into the MVDC demonstration needs case is robust.

  1. To validate the use of existing AC circuit for DC operation
  1. Identification of Distribution/Transmission areas which will benefit from this technology;

  2. Detailed business case (including technical and commercial analysis) studies for one particular case to capture the tangible benefits; and

  3. The development of a fit-for-purpose provisional functional specification for an MVDC scheme.