Dec 2013
Electricity Transmission
Low Frequency Electricity Transmission Technology Evaluation
Dec 2013
Mar 2016
SP Energy Networks and SP Transmission
James Yu (Future Networks Manager)
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Network Innovation Allowance
This proposal aims to structure research work in the related areas, in order to establish a comprehensive and objective appraisal of the concept of a low frequency a.c. network as compared to the multi-terminal VSC-HVDC concept that is being pursued by industry. If successful, this will establish an opportunity for some manufacturers to overtake in this fast growing and severely competitive arena, and accelerate the deployment of offshore wind power. The technology will be generally beneficial to the exploitation of offshore wind and other forms of marine renewables. The research will reference to the on-going development in the traditional direction of VSC-HVDC concept and may achieve understanding to reveal the fundamental difficulties and solutions in that direction, but is conceptually transformative targeting the hidden simplicity in a totally different direction by means of fundamental scientific investigation.

To comprehensively literature review, model and evaluate the low frequency ac transmission technology and its potential in transmission business

A report with tangible scientific evidence, and clear recommendation on a further demonstration project.