Jul 2013
Electricity Transmission
Investigation into the development of an MVDC Demonstration Project
Jul 2013
Apr 2014
SP Energy Networks and SP Transmission
James Yu (Future Networks Manager)
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Network Innovation Allowance
Network Monitoring and Low Carbon Generation
The scope of the project is to understand what MVDC research and development initiatives are being conducted worldwide and to understand from an industrial perspective, the future direction of MVDC in the electricity transmission and distribution systems, and the potential impact of this technology on dependent equipment suppliers.

Develop specifications/capabilities for a state of the art MVDC research centre capable of fulfilling the needs of both the renewable and the networks industry.

The project will be considered a success if the project aims are realised. These are to gain an understanding of worldwide MVDC facilities and using this learning develop the requirements, capabilities and costs for a UK MVDC facility to allow for both research and training requirements to take place.