Jun 2013
Electricity Transmission
NIC Proposal Development
Jun 2013
Mar 2014
SP Energy Networks and SP Transmission
James Yu (Future Networks Manager)
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Network Innovation Allowance
System Security
Develop project delivery strategy and provide project management support (This would include but not be limited to maintaining an overall project plan including key milestones and main activities. Develop a risk register. Identify constraints and mitigation to ensure success). Summary reports shall be prepared at weekly intervals to identify progress and corrective actions.

Tenderers shall define their level of support in this area and how all those involved in the project will be able to participate in viewing and informing current project (eg Developing the overall master plan by adding new activities as they become apparent or revising the duration and progress of tasks in the plan).

The tender shall include a high level project plan showing their suggested timescales for phases 1 to 4.

To develop a full research and demonstration proposal under NIC mechanism for Ofgem and the Expert Panel to evaluate.

To further develop, independent evaluate the existing proposal and fulfill the requirements set out under the NIC governance document.