Apr 2018
Electricity Distribution
Portable Radiometric Arc Fault Locator using battery powered field deployable equipment (RAFL2)
Apr 2018
Aug 2021
SP Energy Networks, Eastern Power Networks, South Eastern Power Networks, SP Distribution and SP Manweb
Watson Peat & David Ruthven SPEN, Kelvin Lee UKPN
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Network improvements and system operability and ED - New technologies and commercial evolution
Fault Management
Radiometric Arc Fault Location (RAFL) utilises radio frequency waves generated in arc faults to assist the identification of fault location for intermittent faults on the distribution network.
For each stage of the project the following objectives have been identified –

Initial system design –

Identify the electronic specification for the recording hardware of the FDU based on current understanding of the (radio frequency)RF receiving constraints for arcing faults, GPS receiver accuracy and latest battery technology. Similarly, identify the housing for the FDUs considering DNO field practices.

Development phase –

Convert the initial system design specification into hardware suitable for field use; develop software to fulfil the system software specification.

Evaluation Phase –

Validate location accuracy. Review design and establish fitness for purpose. Success will measured by the device’s location accuracy, and the field teams’ feedback on its fitness on purpose