May 2020
Electricity Distribution
A Substation of the Future
May 2020
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Michael Eves
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Transition to low carbon future
Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies, Environmental and Substations
Current expectations are for SF6 to be banned for new installations come 2025. A review of current legislation is due to take place prior to June 2020. As this EU review incorporates up to 52kV it will have a large impact on DNOs as this is where SF6 alternatives are scarce and they will need to act fast to propose new solutions to the alternative installation of gas insulated equipment. From the RIIO-T2 submissions there has been an incentive to UK TNOs from the regulator, OfGEM, to install alternative gas insulated technologies. It is expected that the same will happen when RIIO-ED2 takes effect and the same principles in consideration of CO2 emissions will be applied.

Non-SF6 alternatives exist but their integration into BaU has not yet been seen. Doing nothing now means potentially having to rapidly roll-out an unfamiliar solution when the issue becomes imminent.
To purchase and install  non-SF6 Stand Alone Panels, as part of the re-design of a secondary substation to account for the non-SF6 Panel & low carbon TX and other standard components. We may perform system studies where required to confirm no impact on the network operation. The project will investigate the LCA of the non-SF6 unit and novel substation arrangement and develop learning of commercially available options to enable solution to be optimised for rollout.
Learning in the operation and use of non-SF6 RMUs when integrated to existing S/S designs, method costs and offset benefits from application.