Mar 2020
Electricity Transmission
All Terrain Low Ground Pressure Access Vehicle with 34m boom
Mar 2020
Mar 2021
SP Energy Networks and SP Transmission
Adele Ramsden
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Network Innovation Allowance
ET - Transition to low carbon future, ET - New technologies and commercial evolution, ET - Customer and stakeholder focus, ET - Safety and health and environment
Health and Safety and Maintenance & Inspection
This project will develop an All terrain vehicle with improved access to Transmission OHL.
The objectives of the project are as follows:

  • Increase efficiency on outage times on faults and repairs reducing network financial constraints and down time. Including deployment of the emergency restoration system
  • Greatly reduce risk during work at heights
  • Commitment to stakeholders in fast repairs and response time on OHL windfarm connection routes
  • Grantor commitment using advanced technology to eliminate/reduce land damage
  • Environmental commitment to reducing stone road requirements and wagons required to bring the stone in.
  • Reduction in muscular skeletal injury to work force by allow two men to work from a very generous 250KG basket on repairs needing heavy equipment such as a press head.