Jul 2019
Electricity Transmission
System Health Map Phase 1
Jul 2019
Apr 2021
SP Energy Networks and SP Transmission
Michael Eves
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Network Innovation Allowance
ET - Network improvements and system operability
Comms & IT, Condition Monitoring, Harmonics, Harmonics, Measurement and Network Monitoring
SPT proposes to develop a ‘System Health Map’ which collates multiple existing separate data sources from the Transmission Network into one centralised platform. This platform use trending and analytics to allow early intervention and an overall improvement in asset management.
  1. Development of a requirements specification to identify the full system requirements which will determine the successful delivery criteria.
  2. To configure a general data analytics platform for hositng and using real-time transmission data in the above use cases in line with the technical specification.
  3. Take sample data sets for each use case to validate a real-time output and alarms.
  4. To roll-out the platform for the full dataset into all available SPT sites.
  5. Reporting on demonstrated change in practice due to integrated data and visualisation with a key outcome being improved decision making
We estimate potential accumulated benefits of £3.23m by the end of RIIO-T2