Nov 2017
Electricity Distribution
Secondary Telecommunications Phase 3 – Trial of Hybrid Telecoms
Nov 2017
May 2020
SP Energy Networks
Watson Peat
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To validate and confirm the technologies are capable of supporting smart grids;

-          Providing wide geographic coverage in a range of environments from dense urban to deep rural

-          Providing reliable performance generally (>99.99%) and also during a black start event

-          Providing communication with sufficiently low latency to support real time control of distributed assets as part of the smart grid

-          A high degree of interoperability between connectivity technology and equipment vendors

To demonstrate to what extent third party solutions from mobile operators can be relied upon in terms of coverage and performance

To build upon output of previous innovation projects such as WPD’s Falcon & Nexus and UKPN’s ‘Flexible plug and play’ which focussed on a single technology solution or were desktop only exercises.

To satisfy Ofcom’s requirements to justify access to an additional 400 MHz allocation as part of the spectrum release programme

Providing a model for a cost effective solution that is financially viable and can be scaled at a modest & predictable incremental cost.