Nov 2017
Electricity Distribution
Low Cost Fault Current Measurement of Wooden Poles
Nov 2017
May 2020
SP Energy Networks
SPEN - Geoff Murphy UKPN - Ian Cooper NPG - Andrew Webster
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Network Innovation Allowance
Fault Current, Measurement and Fault Management
The project will design and develop a laboratory prototype of the Method and if successful, finalise the design and supporting information to enable further stages of development including field trials and preparation of the product for commercialization.

The objectives and activities of the project are:

Stage 1: To develop and demonstrate a Laboratory prototype

  • Consult with DNOs on the sensitivity range required for the device
  • Select appropriate electrochemical cell chemistry and develop a laboratory demonstrator showing the appropriate sensitivity in something approximating the final plastic card format
  • Estimate the accuracy of the device and the key factors that limit resolution and accuracy
  • Provide initial costs estimates of a final device

Stage 2: Development of trial units and capture feedback on the design

  • Develop demonstrator and conduct initial testing
  • Produce 10 units for 3rd party testing
  • Review test data

Stage 3: To develop “large scale trial” units

  • Produce 200 devices for evaluation by DNOs

Stage 4: Commercialisation support for the product

  • Market analysis
  • Preparation for manufacturing
The main success criterion for the project is that the Method is able to achieve its design targets of:

  • Resolution

  • Accuracy

  • Cost

  • 20 year life when deployed as a long term indicator

Other success criteria are:

  • Successful development of laboratory prototype.

  • Successful development of trial units.

  • Deployment of units in the field.