Oct 2017
Electricity Distribution
Endbox G38 Level Detection Phase 2
Oct 2017
Oct 2020
SP Energy Networks, SP Distribution and SP Manweb
Andrew McDiarmid & Eric Brunger
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Safety and health and environment
This project will focus on the validation of the technique to measure G38 levels in endboxes by trialling on a representative sample of switchgear across the SP Distribution and SP Manweb networks. In addition to this trial, the methodology for the determination and classification of the status of the endboxes will be developed.

The main objectives of this project regard the validation of ultrasound measurement of the level of G38 compound in an endbox.  This will include determining a classification method to categorise the criticality of the endboxes, depending on the level of G38 in the endbox, and whether the cables entering the gear are fully covered and insulated.

The delivery of the above objectives, within budget and within agreed timelines, as is reasonable depending on the knowledge at this stage of the development phase.

The project will be managed within SPEN applying due diligence and best practices where appropriate.