Oct 2017
Electricity Distribution
Connected Worker Phase 1 - Field Data Automated Capture
Oct 2017
Apr 2020
SP Energy Networks, SP Distribution and SP Manweb
Watson Peat & Shaun Stevenson
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Network Innovation Allowance
Maintenance & Inspection
Data captured in the field that relates directly to the work undertaken on-site on underground assets that has to be collected on-site and would be consumed and utilised by the either the Work Management System (SAP) or Geospatial Management System (ESRI) to include items such as installed or decommissioned assets.

To validate and confirm the technologies are capable of;

-          Providing a significant level of data capture automation

-          Reducing time spent in the field collecting and entering field data

-          Providing that data for consumption directly to corporate systems

-          Reducing the need for secondary (back-office) data entry

Providing a cost effective solution that is financially viable

Demonstrated capability of capturing field data in an automated way

Transfer of that data to corporate systems without further intervention, or with limited QA

Financial viability in the form of a business case