May 2017
Electricity Distribution
Endbox G38 Level Detection
May 2017
May 2018
SP Energy Networks and SP Distribution
Andrew McDiarmid
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Network Innovation Allowance
Maintenance & Inspection and Network Monitoring
This project will have 2 work packages:

1. Ultrasound Parameter selection

In this work package, the optimum ultrasound transmitters and receivers will be determined through experimentation on G38-filled equipment. This will also determine the optimum frequency or frequency range which may be used. The results of this will be drafted into a specification document.

2. Field Testing

This work package consists of testing the system in the field. This will require technician training, following which the system will be trialed in a series of varied substations as a series of substation inspections. The results of this testing will be recorded, and the results used to inform a policy document for the use of this equipment in the field.

The main objectives of this project regard the use of an ultrasound device to allow the level of G38 compound in an end box to be determined. This will require the verification of the technique on a wide variety of end boxes resulting in the generation of a policy document which will inform the further use of ultrasound devices in this way, and provide a framework for other licensees to make use of ultrasound equipment to detect G38 levels.

The delivery of the above objectives, within budget and within agreed timelines, as is reasonable depending on the knowledge at this stage of the development phase.

The project will be managed within SPEN applying due diligence and best practices where appropriate.