Feb 2017
Electricity Distribution
Technical Review of Non-conventional Statcom Applications
Feb 2017
Aug 2017
SP Energy Networks
Watson Peat & Albert Santandreu
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Network Innovation Allowance
Control Systems
This project will have two work packages:

1. Technical Review

Carry out technical review of Statcom technologies, incorporating learnings from previous projects looking at Statcoms, such as WPD’s Lincolnshire Low Carbon Hub project. This will establish an application guide for Statcoms, identifying all of the network characteristics and issues which can be altered using them, with a list of the planning considerations which would be required for Statcom implementation.

2. Sensitivity Studies

Analysis of DIgSILENT Models of networks in the Dumfries and Galloway region in three ways- once as the circuits are currently, once with Statcoms added, and once with traditional reinforcement. This will result in the voltage “hotspots” in the network to be identified, allowing the required size of Statcom and traditional reinforcement required to mitigate these issues. These results will feed into the need case CBA to benchmark the Statcom installation with traditional reinforcement.

The project has a number of deliverable objectives. Firstly, the technical review will produce a progress report with its findings, and will contain the application guide defining the areas where Statcoms could be used to deal with network issues. The second stage will produce both a cost-benefit analysis for the application of Statcoms, and a technical specification for Statcom applications, applicable to all stakeholders.

The delivery of the above objectives, within budget and within agreed timelines, as is reasonable depending on the knowledge at this stage of the development phase.

The project will be managed within SPEN applying due diligence and best practices where appropriate.

The staged outcomes will include reports and specifications available for other licensees.