Mar 2016
Electricity Distribution
LV Elbow Joints
Mar 2016
Nov 2017
SP Energy Networks
Nicol Gray
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Network Innovation Allowance
LV & 11kV Networks, Health and Safety, Asset Management, Maintenance & Inspection and Condition Monitoring
This project aims to deliver a safer, less disruptive and more resource efficient way of upgrading and replacing LV links boxes so as to provide an improved service to our customers. The following work packages are intended to trial, evaluate and rollout the LV Elbow joint kits and to establish the potential benefits it could offer UK DNOs

To deliver this project SPEN has identified four key Work Packages:

  1. Product approval and Factory Acceptance Testing of concept ‘elbow’ and ‘180 degree’ joint kits as per BS:50393.

  2. Class room training and policy update to allow for the new elbow joints to be tested and used on the network. This will include the training for internal staff.

  3. Onsite trials in Edinburgh and Merseyside Districts to allow for a detailed analysis of the kits and quantification of business benefits, including saving generated

  4. Adoption by the business (BaU) including internal / external dissemination

The objectives of each discrete Work Package is as follows;

1: FAT

·         Laboratory testing to ensure kits are compliant with BS 50393

2: Training and Policy

·         Class room training with SPEN jointers and excavation teams  to establish good working practices

·         Training using the joint kits and associated link boxes

·         Redesign / modification of kits

·         Generation of rules when kit can be used

·         Identify key policy (internal and external)

3: Onsite installation

·         On site testing and installation

·         Establish benefits generated for LV

·         Benefit tracker to establish saving achieved and potential business case for wide scale role out. Including the investigation into what other areas               this technology could offer benefits.

4: Requirements for Business as Usual (BaU) adoption and UK DNO dissemination

·         Identify any further enhancements that can deliver additional benefits to DNOs and customers.

The project will be considered successful if the aforementioned objectives are realised.