Sep 2015
Electricity Distribution
Data Intelligence for Network Operations (DINO) Phase 1.
Sep 2015
Jul 2017
SP Energy Networks
SPEN Technology Development Manager Geoff Murphy; SPEN Project Manager Fiona Fulton; SPEN Business Owner John Kirkwood
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Network Innovation Allowance
Comms & IT
The high level Scope of this project is to deliver a working Proof of Concept of how data can be managed and used effectively in decision support.

To deliver this SPEN has identified several discrete Work Packages to be delivered under the project:

  • WP 1: Discovery

    Fully understand the data issues/inconsistencies that exist and the problems they cause. Fully validate that the propose approach will address these problems

  • WP 2: DINO Proof of Concept (PoC) Build

    Focused on the build out of a test bed to allow operation of use cases in new data management environment

  • WP 3: DINO Evaluation

    Focused on the identifying the pros and cons of operating the business under the new data regime by comparing the PoC with current operational processes.

  • WP 4: Business as Usual (BaU) Adoption

    Focused on the identification of the necessary business changes required to adopt DINO best practices into BaU e.g. policy changes, reference architectures, Smart IT roadmap.

  • WP 5: Further enhancements

    Focused on the identification and evaluation of further enhancements in DINO that can deliver additional DNO / customer benefits.

  • WP 6: Dissemination

    Focused on the dissemination of the project learning to UK customers, DNOs and vendors of remote sensing equipment / asset management systems to stimulate the market.

Each discrete Work Package has Objectives:


WP 1: Discovery

·         To produce a fully scoped problem definition and desired outcomes

WP 2: DINO PoC Build

·         To create a “near to operational” proof of concept test bed that can demonstrate how these problems could be addressed

WP 3: DINO Evaluation

·         To assess the efficacy of the data management and analysis methods employed.

WP 4: BaU Adoption

·         To identify the necessary business changes required to facilitate the adoption of DINO principles as BaU and justify efficacy of doing so.

WP 5: Further Enhancements

·         Identification and exploration of further enhancements with different business use cases that can deliver additional DNO / customer benefits and               confirm best practice to move into BaU can be replicated across all DNO business areas.

WP 6: Dissemination

-         Dissemination of project activities, scope, deliverables to UK DNOs, customers and vendors at several points within the project in order to                       stimulate the uptake and development

Each discrete Work Package has a Success Criteria:

  • WP 1: Discovery

    The delivery of detailed problem statements for the chosen use cases.

  • WP 2: DINO PoC Build

    Delivery of a near operational PoC to demonstrate problem solutions and best practice.

  • WP 3: DINO Evaluation

    Successful iteration of use cases. Determination if an optimal means of managing an operationally efficient solution to the problems is evident

  • WP 4: BaU Adoption

    The production of proposals for how BaU adoption could be facilitated.

  • WP 5: Further Enhancements

    The publication of a set of proposed next steps and the likely benefits they will deliver.

  • WP 6: Dissemination

    The sharing of experience with UK DNOs and vendors, to allow optimum support for smart grid.