Jul 2014
Electricity Distribution
Jul 2014
Dec 2018
SP Energy Networks
Geoff Murphy, David Ruthven, & Paul Cunnigham
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Network Innovation Allowance
Active Network Management
This project is a continuation under NIA of IFI project, IFI 1302, which was included in SP Energy Networks Annual Report 2014/15. The scope of the project is to design, develop and test a 35kV MV cable that is compatible with 120°C continuous operating temperature and 150°C conductor emergency rating.

The objectives of the project are as follows:

Design, develop and test a MV polypropylene (PP) blend cable, preferably 35kV, utilising existing cable accessory technologies that are compatible (or readily made compatible) with up to 150°C conductor emergency rating and 120°C continuous operating temperature.

Refine the PP blend materials to achieve the MV cable design, processing and cable production processes. The development efforts will also be used to specify material enhancements for EHV cable applications up to 400kV.

Undertake cable manufacturing and testing with structured development to generate experience that will be of value in 400kV design, manufacture and testing.

Undertake MV cable deployment and operational studies to define the best operating mode and value proposition for Network operators and other MV cable users including economics of deployment with incorporation of risk factors and environmental benefits assessment.

Review material thermal properties, cable thermal performance and cable ratings to meet current international standards and develop an action plan to address any identified performance gaps.



The project success criteria is the realisation of the following key project activities:

Determination of suitable MV cable design

Determination of MV cable rating data including deployment and operational studies

Deriving optimum PP blend composition and tolerance

Identifying preferred semiconductor screen material

Identifying preferred cable jacket (sheath) material

Testing MV cable

Define the HV / EHV cable development programme

Determine whole life cable costs and environmental performance

Finalising MV cable design and production process