Apr 2015
Electricity Distribution
Substation Earth Monitor
Apr 2015
Apr 2016
SP Energy Networks
Nicol Gray
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Network Innovation Allowance
Network Monitoring and Substation Monitoring
This project aims to further develop and enhance the learning gained through past IFI projects by piloting a limited number of monitors at substation location. The scope of the pilot rollout will be structure as follows;

Stage 1

Limited rollout to unmanned substation locations

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the monitors at detecting copper theft and tampering of key infrastructure

  • Develop installation program

  • Understand how the monitors interact with substation environments

  • Evaluate the performance of the monitors and how they could be developed further

Stage 2

Following successful completion of stage 1, a further limited rollout to allow for the monitors to be integrated into the corporate security system

  • Integration into SCADA or internal security system

  • Detailed understanding how the units could be integrated into BaU policy

The objectives for the project include:

  • The successful installation of a number of monitors to establish confidence that they can detect and report incidences of copper theft and tampering, at a range of substation and environments
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the monitors at both detecting and preventing the incidences of copper theft at substation locations.
  • Develop a understanding of the potential benefits that could be achieve via a wide scale roll out
  • Ensuring the monitors are suitable in multiple locations/environments and can be installed with minimal impact on the distribution network
  • Ensuring the monitors have the ability to be integrated into existing security systems or into SCADA
  • Ability to immediately provide notification that infrastructure is being removed / tampered and accurately record times of such events
The following success criteria has been established

  • The successful and reliable detection of copper theft and tampering at key substation locations either through test simulations or actual events.

  • Low incidences of mal-operation and spurious alarms

  • Quantifying the benefits associated with detecting when key earth infrastructure is removed or tampered with

  • Integrate the solution into BaU