May 2020
Electricity Transmission
TOTEM (Transmission Owner Tools for EMT Modelling)
May 2020
Apr 2021
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, National Grid Electricity Transmission, National Grid Electricity System Operator, Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission and SP Transmission
SSEN - Colin Mathieson
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Network Innovation Allowance
ET - Network improvements and system operability, ET - Transition to low carbon future and ET - New technologies and commercial evolution
Modelling, Resilience and Voltage Control
The GB power system is rapidly evolving as conventional synchronous generation is decommissioned and ever greater levels of renewable sources are connected leading to a much lower level of system inertia and lower short circuit levels.  At the same time there are increasing numbers of HVDC links and Flexible AC Transmission systems (FACTs) devices being connected in close proximity in parts of the system.  The potential for adverse control interactions between these devices is rising and needs careful consideration within the context of a potentially weaker GB system. 

Conventional phasor-based RMS simulation tools have limitations in studying weak, low inertia systems due to the level of detail that is represented.  A move to developing more detailed electromagnetic transient (EMT) based models which will address these concerns is proposed as a solution and is seen as a key way of de-risking the integration of the technologies described above.
The objectives of the project are as follows:

Build and validate a PSCAD model of the GB transmission network and from that derive separate models for each of the three TO licence areas;
Deliver tools for PSCAD model manipulation and analysis that will support the TOs in their use of the GB model;
Provide the GB TOs with the knowledge and understanding required to adopt the models and put them into use; and
Establish shared computing resources for running the most complex models.