Jun 2018
Electricity Transmission
Line Inspections by Semi-Autonomous Systems (LISAS)
Jun 2018
Nov 2020
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks
Colin Mathieson
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Network Innovation Allowance
ET - New technologies and commercial evolution
Overhead Lines
Using robotic devices carrying onboard monitoring equipment which can travel along the OHL without requiring continual human interfacing could allow the conductor to be accurately monitored with substantially more coverage. The SSEN networks have a high proportion of tension towers which prevents a number of the monitoring devices presently in use in the UK from operating as intended. Furthermore the remote locations in which SSEN operates puts further constraints on any potential robotic technology, in that the device weight and support systems must be minimized and considered. Equipping the robotic devices with cameras would also allow further data on Lower fittings/insulators while undertaking these works. Robotics would minimize climbing risk and in theory operate on live lines thus minimizing outage costs. 
The project has the following objectives:
• To provide process and procedure for use of OHL Robotic Devices
• To provide a clear specification for OHL Robotic Condition Monitoring
• To trial a robot which is capable of traversing an OHL with minimal Personnel input.
• To evaluate known sample data against recorded data from an OHL Condition Monitoring Robot