Mar 2015
Electricity Transmission
Controlled Backfill for Peat Land
Mar 2015
Sep 2016
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks and Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission
SSEN Future Networks Team
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Network Innovation Allowance
To find suitable alternative backfill materials, conduct TR tests in the lab and in close HV cable proximity in order to identify the material which is most technically suitable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective for use in peat land.

The objectives of this project are as follows:

  • To investigate the addition of controlled backfill to existing peat land in order to increase cable load carrying capacity.
  • To investigate the TR values from various mixtures of available low TR material with peat in order to find a combination of materials with effective TR, environmentally friendly and at relatively low price.
  • To provide a complete test report and recommendations for effective or appropriate solutions for cable backfilling materials in peat land.
The project will be deemed a success if it can assess potential alternative materials and a conclusion drawn about their viability or lack of, as cable backfilling materials for peat land.