Apr 2014
Electricity Transmission
Modular Approach to Substation Construction - Design Development
Apr 2014
Jan 2017
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks and Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission
SSEN Future Networks Team
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Network Innovation Allowance
The scope of the project will include the following:

  • Identify the requirements and standards that govern transmission substations up to a voltage of 275kV and 400kV - however, it is anticipated that this will initially focus on 132kV designs;

  • Assess new design options and techniques, including the use of new materials, from a review of what is being built internationally, and other innovations;

  • Develop a functional requirement specification for Modular Substations ;

  • Engage with the supply chain on a competitive basis to identify potential innovative solutions ;

  • Assess the impacts of the new designs, including safety and environmental impact, operational considerations, requirements for additional training etc. and

  • Review the economics of the new designs (taking into account foundations, access requirements, construction time and maintenance).

1)  Define the requirements for a modular approach to transmission substation from design to construction

2)  Assess the alternative approaches to traditional substation design and construction techniques

3)  Create recommendations for Transmission Operators to employ these new approaches, including potential changes to design and operational standards.

If successful SHE Transmission will then look to deploy this approach on a selected project.

If successful this project has the potential to

·         Reduce costs for substation design, construction, installation and operation

·         Increase speed of deployment

·         Develop lower cost options for increasing substation capacity to give increased flexibility

·         Allow substations to be better matched to the anticipated connection – especially for renewables – and to provide flexibility to increase capacity

·         Reduce consenting times

·         Reduce the overall carbon footprint of the development

The project will be successful if it delivers a recommendation from which a Modular Approach to Substation Construction policy can be developed by December 2015. This will allow more informed decisions to be made when considering design and construction options for future substation projects.