Dec 2013
Electricity Transmission
Magnetically Controlled Shunt Reactor (MCSR)
Dec 2013
Mar 2015
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks and Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission
SSEN Future Networks Team
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Network Innovation Allowance
High Voltage Technology
The scope of this project is to institute a study aimed at establishing the feasibility of installing a trial MCSR on the SHE Transmission network.

MCSRs have not been installed in GB and several details about the technology and the commercial and operational aspects of its implementation need to be assessed before developing enough confidence to do a trial installation on the network. The following aspects will form the methodology of the feasibility study:

  • Best location to perform trial of the MCSR

  • System data such as background harmonic levels and impedances

  • Specification of the performance required for the MCSR on the basis of the chosen site and data

  • Integration of the specified MCSR with filtering equipment and capacitors to achieve functionality equivalent to that of a standard like for like SVC

  • Complete electrical and civil designs

  • Complete quality and procurement review of the supplier, ZTR

  • Risk analysis of the technology and potential impact on the trial

  • Establishment of training, operation and maintenance requirements

  • Costing of the trial installation project activities including training and harmonisation of procedures to address any potential incompatibilities between Russian and GB systems.

The activities will be broken into distinct work packages and a report produced at the end of each work package.  This project was initially proposed with a total duration of 9 months. A change has been made to extend duration to 15 months as a result of a delay to a system study, to be carried out by (or under the supervision of) SHE Transmission’s transmission planning group. 

  • Establish the best location for installing a trial MCSR, its performance specification and the relevant system data for the chosen location
  • Utilise results from activities above as input for a detailed design of MCSR with capability to be adapted for the functionality of an SVC and including all associated electrical and civil designs
  • Review ZTR’s quality and procurement processes
  • Perform risk analysis of the technology
  • Establish the training, operation and maintenance requirements
  • Compile reports with results of the study for use to decide the viability of a trial installation and as the design for the potential trial
The success of this project is based on completion of the study and reports which can provide a basis for deciding the viability of installing a trial MCSR on SHE Transmission’s operational network without compromising safety, health and the environment as enshrined in GB statutes.