Jun 2012
Electricity Transmission
HVDC Nanocomposite Insulation
Jun 2012
Dec 2015
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission, National Grid Electricity Transmission and SP Energy Networks
SSEN Future Networks Team
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Network Innovation Allowance
A new method will be created that will allow reproducible results for the distribution of nano scale fillers into polymeric insulation material. Scalability of the techniques will be demonstrated through the creation and testing of prototype full size bushings. To do this a new manufacturing method will be developed.

Assess whether nanocomposites can be dispersed in polymeric insulation material in a reproducible fashion.

Assess whether a new improved insulation material can be created and used to construct full size products such as bushings.

Evaluate the potential of the new material to allow the reduction in size of insulators in HVDC systems.

Demonstration of a manufactured component which passes electrical and mechanical testing.

Demonstration component demonstrates enhanced properties which make its use attractive.