Apr 2013
Electricity Transmission
Transformer Intrascope
Apr 2013
Apr 2015
Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks and Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission
SSEN Future Networks Team
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Network Innovation Allowance
Asset Management and Transformers
The initial objective of the project is to have a fully developed, assembled and working intrascope probe system which has been both mechanically and functionally tested within a laboratory-based environment. Once this is complete the intrascope system will be put through field-based testing on a number of spare, non-operational primary and supergrid transformers. This field based testing will provide practical experience in operating the intrascope system and allow for refinements to be made to either software or hardware if required. The system operation will be verified through destructive testing of the internal transformer winding insulation.

Providing this is successful and SHE Transmission is confident in the intrascope system, an investigation of an operational transformer will be planned. SGT3 at Tealing Substation (S/S) has been chosen based on the historical problems associated with it and the age of the asset. The final aim of the project is to investigate SGT3 using the intrascope system to analyse and assess the condition of the internal insulation.

The objectives for the project are:

  • Conduct research into an intrascope probe system based on the concepts of clinical endoscopy and wide-wavelength spectroscopy which can be used for the in-situ analysis of the condition of power transformers’ internal insulation
  • Develop a prototype of the system and perform laboratory tests for functional, mechanical and optical performance
  • Test and demonstrate the prototype on out-of-service transformers and perform necessary enhancements/refinements for testing on operational transformers
  • Test and demonstrate the prototype in the field on an operational transformer on the SHE Transmission network
  • Evaluate the method’s suitability as a condition monitoring tool for transformers and its impact on asset management
Greatly reduced costs, time, labour and outage time associated with the assessment of the internal insulation condition of a large power transformer as opposed to having to de-tank the transformer off-site. Another benefit is the ability to correlate and verify the results of DGA evaluation. This tool will provide better guidance on transformer asset replacement decisions.