Jun 2020
Gas Distribution and Gas Transmission
HySCALE – Feasibility study of the use of LOHCs for bulk hydrogen storage and transport.
Jun 2020
Mar 2021
SGN, Cadent, National Grid Gas Transmission and Wales and West Utilities
Phil Bradwell
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Network Innovation Allowance
GT - Future of gas
Energy Storage and Gas Distribution Networks
A feasibility study that will examine the technical and commercial issues associated with the application of LOHC’s to capture, store, transport and release hydrogen at bulk scale in the UK.
The objectives of this project are to:
  • Outline the possibility of using LOHC for bulk hydrogen sourcing and storage across UK.
  • To determine the best in class LOHC by evaluating the technology and also safety aspects of such chemicals.
  • Arrive at a cost curve of LOHC hydrogen. If beneficial to incorporate this emerging technology into current SMR and storage of Hydrogen plans across GB in order to bring overall costs down.
  • Understand the carbon footprint of the reversible reactions of storing hydrogen in LOHC.
  • Understand the criteria for site selection of LOHC projects.
  • Identify the key barriers, risk assessment and optimized business models for the accelerated commercialization of LOHC based hydrogen.