Dec 2019
Gas Distribution
Advanced Gas Detector Implementation Trial (AGD-IT)
Dec 2019
May 2020
Hec Salgado
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Safety and emergency
Gas Distribution Networks
SGN currently use three primary types of gas detection equipment across its three networks, Gascoseekers, Gastechs and Gas surveyors. The units are predominately used by First Call Operatives (FCOs) when attending a reported gas escape, and subsequently the engineering teams throughout the repair process. The unit’s involvement in the detection process is critical in providing pinpoint readings of the levels of methane present; allowing the operative to identify the source of the leak and determine the risk score and category of the escape. The result of the investigation is manually recorded by the operative on to a Leakage Investigation Sheet (LIS), which allows continuous site monitoring.

The previous NIA funded project (NIA-SGN0064) was ambitious in its scope in trying to connect the various elements to the gas detection equipment. The clear outcome of this project was to identify the great potential and versatility of the GS700 gas detection equipment. Because the previous 3 trials, this machine had been linked to other elements (calibration station, tablet and cloud application), it was not viable for the equipment to be approved for use on the network.

There is still a need to have a versatile, modular unit that can;

·         Determine the presence of carbon monoxide (CO).

·         Determine the presence of Oxygen (O2).

·         Verify new Infrared detector is in compliance with SGN’s standards (INQ3 and INQ4).

·         Utilise rechargeable batteries
The objectives of the project are to produce a portable gas detection device to detect methane, CO , O2 and have the capability of being charged from the vehicle.

Summary of Work Required

·         Develop a working prototype of the gas detection device to meet relevant industry standards and specifications.

·         Develop work procedures for using the product.

·         Trial the solution across SGN’s networks.
Commercial appraisal for the overall use of the product and potential efficiency savings resulting from the success of the field trial. Continued protection of SGNs Intellectual Property