Feb 2019
Gas Distribution
East Neuk – A Techno Economic Study into the Energy System
Feb 2019
Aug 2019
SGN and SP Energy Networks
Colin Thomson
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Future of gas
This project will assess how an integrated hydrogen energy system in Fife will work and how to it could function at a much larger scale for Scotland. Electricity from a variety of renewable sources are couples via the electricity network and an electrolyser to the gas network in the form of hydrogen. This in turn can be utilized directly in a vehicle refuelling station or at different offtake points from the gas network to supply domestic and commercial properties.

The electrical network in this part of Fife is constrained and any increase to the amount of installed renewable generation capacity without upgrading the network would likely result in increased curtailment of output. Maximising utilisation of assets, revenue opportunities from multiple energy streams, and potentially other local economic benefits points to the consideration of combining gas, electricity and transport infrastructure in an optimal way.
The primary objectives of the project are to quantify constrained energy in the East Neuk of Fife and demonstrate how its conversion to Hydrogen can be maximised for either the gas network or for EV purposes. This will highlight opportunities and the extent that Hydrogen may be able to participate in the decarbonisation of the region.