Jan 2019
Gas Distribution
Foam Annular Sealant for Keyhole
Jan 2019
Jan 2020
Stuart Sherlock, Innovation Project Officer
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Mains Replacement
Gas Distribution Networks
Foam sealing is a required process in the gas industry when replacing metallic mains with PE pipe. During the insertion process PE pipe is inserted through the live or dead metallic mains. The annular gap is created between the two pipes through the insertion process which must be closed before the excavation can be reinstated. This requirement is to prevent issues such as soil backfilling into the annular space and to avoid gas leaks from travelling along the annular space.

There are a number of techniques and methods currently in place to close the annular space, however these require several personnel, take a long time to apply, and can expose the operative to harmful chemicals in a confined space and be quite expensive for such a high volume stock item.

This project aims to develop a method for applying foam within the annular space between the inserted PE pipe and metallic main. Once the foam system has been developed prototypes will be manufactured for inhouse testing. Following successful inhouse testing preparation for field trials will be made to trial the system in a live environment.
The objectives of this project are to:
  • Develop annular sealant product approved against existing sealant standards GIS/LC14:2009.
  • Inhouse testing of annular sealant product and delivery method to prove against existing sealant standards GIS/LC14:2009.
  • Produce report detailing the findings of the concept design and inhouse testing.
  • Delivery of detailed work instructions report.
  • Complete SGN/PM/G/23 document alongside field trials.
  • Carry out field trials as required as part of the SGN/PM/G/23 document to prove field readiness.
  • Produce report detailing the findings of the field trial.
  • Delivery of final project report.