Mar 2018
Gas Distribution
ACE (Advanced Condensing Exchanger)
Mar 2018
Mar 2019
Keith Ellison, Innovation Project Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Reliability and maintenance
Gas Distribution Networks
This project is concerned with the conceptual design of a new solution for ACE Compact Advanced Condensing Exchanger small capacity preheat installation using gas fired condensing bath heater the heat exchanger will facilitate a process arrangement whereby the heat exchanger can be mounted is such a way to ensure the coolest process fluid will be located at the bottom of the bath to maximise condensing performance while also significantly reducing plant footprint. The preferred stackable configuration would be the fisrst such design installed in the UK gas networks.
  • Undertake conceptual design of ACE Compact Advanced Condensing Exchanger
  • A compact flexible geometry to accommodate a range of applications
  • Detailed design & PS/5 (G/17) Approvals
  • Thermal efficiency between 88%-103% similarly to a condensing boiler technology
  • Targeted 30% reduction in capital and operating cost as compared to existing options
  • Ease of service - similarity to water bath to provide maintenance familiarity to opperators
  • 50-70% reduction in space compared to a modular boiler house for ease of installation
  • Reduction in installation costs
  • Reduction in maintenance activities
  • Reduction in call-outs
  • Thermal efficiency between 88%-103%
  • Compact flexible geometry to accommodate a range opf applications
  • Smaller footprint for sites