Mar 2018
Gas Distribution
Universal Temperature Controller using Artificial Intelligence
Mar 2018
Mar 2019
Keith Ellison, Innovation Project Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Reliability and maintenance
Maintenance & Inspection
This project aims to assess the potential application of a universal controller based on Artifical Intelligence (AI) to act as an intermediary between a traditional station exit temperature signal and an installed preheat asset. 
This project will include:
Teaching the AI controller:
  • Select a sample of 3 sites with different operating characteristics.
  • Use data mining techniques to identify process bottlenecks, energy saving opportunities and process variability issues.
  • Train the AI to assess performance with the minimum number of inputs for maximum potential application (Inlet Pressure, Outlet Pressure, Station Outlet Temperature, Historic Weather).
  • Development of a virtual system expert to advise on “optimal operation” to help guide process performance from past operating data.
  • Optimise computation for data efficiency.
  • Assess reliability and robustness for suitability on critical infrastructure.
Hardware Specification: 
  • Determine computation requirement (Central Processing Unit (CPU)/ Graphic Processing Unit (GPU). 
  • Develop physical specifications (considering any restrictions).
  • Input / Output specifications and protocols.
  • Review SGN specific requirements / Applicable standards.
  • Determine power requirements.
  • Review connectivity (Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)/ Wi-Fi etc.).
  • Determine appropriate security & cyber-security protocols.
  • Remote update and control.
  • Development of a project implementation roadmap for site integration.