Mar 2017
Gas Distribution
Ironclad (Component Prototype Phase - Graphitisation Stage 2)
Mar 2017
Dec 2018
Keith Ellison, Innovation Project Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Repair
Gas Distribution Networks
The concept that was developed in Stage 1 of the project will require formal testing to optimise the sealing process. This will confirm the best achievable sealant specification and the best achievable deployment (application and curing) mechanism. In addition to this, work will be carried out to understand the relevant standards and accreditation environment for this sealant within the Gas industry, confirming its fitness for purpose.

A wide range of applications will be explored to determine where the technique can be most beneficially used throughout the network. The deployment method particularly of interest is the robotics transport platform developed under SGN’s NIC Robotics project. Additional applications across the transmission network will also be investigated.

The specific objectives for this project (Stage 2 Component Prototyping) are:

  • File patent application to secure freedom to operate
  • Provide test rig demonstrations of coating fluid manipulation and curing
  • Provide test rig demonstrations of coating fluid solidification
  • Confirm subcontractors that would be used for System Prototype work
  • Refine scope of Phase 3 – system prototyping and controlled testing
The success criteria for the project are as follows:

  • Patent filed and search results reviewed and reported on.

  • Demonstrate a ‘first-generation’ magnetically manipulated coating fluid

  • Demonstrate the size and power of magnetic tooling required by the technique

  • High level robotic & moling interfaces with particular attention on magnetic compatibility defined.

Options for coating verification techniques identified and assessed