Mar 2017
Gas Distribution
Remote Site Monitoring Device
Mar 2017
May 2020
Hector Salgado, Innovation Project Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Safety and emergency
Gas Distribution Networks
The features of the three distinct parts of this proposed solution are detailed as follows:

  • New low power sensor with long term operation

  • New sensor enclosure with flow path, suitable for use in gaseous atmosphere

  • Sensor bump testing when installed

  • IP rating suitable for wide range of environmental conditions

  • Sensor with integrated short range communications

  • Reusable

The objectives of the project are to produce a Remote Site Monitoring Device for the detection of natural gas. This device will be capable of being left on-site and will transmit gas readings. These gas readings will be viewable remotely and will indicate the site’s status.

Summary of Work Required

  • Develop a working prototype of the Remote Site Monitoring Device to meet relevant industry standards and specifications
  • Develop work procedures for using the product
  • Trial the solution across SGN’s regional networks
  • Commercial appraisal for the overall use of the product and potential efficiency savings resulting from the success of the field trial.
The success criteria for the project are:

  • Analysis of conceptual design, detailed designs and prototype manufacture of a solution which meets the relevant industry and SGN standards against specifications

  • Facilitate the introduction of the product into the GB gas industry for field trialling, evaluation and approval

  • Manufacture prototypes and undertake field trials across SGN’s networks

  • Manage off-site field trials and testing, quantifying and controlling the risks identified

  • Develop work procedures and field trial documentation for using the product

  • Project Management including attending project meetings as required

  • Assessment of the potential benefits and operational value to SGN

  • Reporting and analysis as requiredProduce and disseminate learning based on final project report