Jan 2017
Gas Distribution
100% Hydrogen
Jan 2017
Mar 2021
Mark Wheeldon, Innovation Project Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Environment and low carbon
Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies, Environmental, Low Carbon Generation and Gas Distribution Networks
The scope of this feasibility project is to establish the technical and commercial viability of a 100% Hydrogen network demonstration. The subsequent demonstration project will be to demonstrate that Hydrogen can be distributed safely and reliably.

The objectives of this feasibility study are to:


 - Evaluate the suitability of sites and requirements for a 100% Hydrogen demonstration project.

 - Select the most practical and cost effective site for development

 - Complete the initial design of the site.

 - Carry out on site or off site testing of aspects supporting the quantification of risk.

The project will be deemed to be successful if the following outcomes are achieved:

- Detailed evidence supporting selection of most suitable and cost effective site for Hydrogen demonstration project.

- Quantitative and qualitative risk assessment for 100% Hydrogen network

- Stimulation of Hydrogen supply chain

- Initial conceptual design of the site(s)

- Plans for future commercial viability

- Commercial and regulatory methodology for demonstration

- Cost definition for demonstration and CBA compared to other sites

- Roadmap to 100% Hydrogen network demonstration

- Detailed report for publication