May 2016
Gas Distribution
PE Flowstop (up to 10bar(g))
May 2016
Dec 2016
Alex Stewart, Innovation Project Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Mains Replacement
Gas Distribution Networks
Research into existing manufacturers and suppliers of PE flow stop systems and products.

The project will involve an initial desk top investigation of manufacturers of PE flowstop systems including the current usage of PE flowstop globally. This will include diameters from 90mm up to and including 630mm. The project partner have offices throughout the world with experience of gas engineering and will draw on this experience to add value to the review.

Review of existing manufacturers and suppliers of PE flowstop systems and products.

Following this, a review will be carried out of all information gathered and identification of suitable flowstop systems for consideration for use by the GDNs. This review will include both Gap Analysis and Risk Assessment of the proposed solutions against relevant legislation.

Gap analysis of suitable products with SGN engineering procedures.

Undertake a gap analysis and risk assessment comparing the products identified in the initial research with the following complimentary SGN procedures:

SGN/PM/DIS/6.1.1 – Management Procedure for Metallic Flowstopping of Ductile Iron & Steel Mains by Use of Short Stop II Equipment.

SGN/PM/DIS/6.1.2 – Management Procedure for Metallic Flow Stopping of Ductile Iron and Steel Mains by Use of TD Williamson Folding Plugger Equipment.

Selection of suitable PE flow stop systems for testing.

With the information gathered from the review of current products, an assessment will be carried out to ascertain the suitability of the available products taking account of procedures and specifications. Current UK industry standards and industry best practice and guidance from professional institutions will also be considered.

Assessment of available products will identify current gaps in the supply chain for suitable PE flowstop techniques and the technical and engineering restrictions inhibiting the wider use of PE Flowstop across the UK gas industry. Furthermore, the project will also risk assess the use of PE flowstops >90mm on the SGN network and identify any conflicts or omissions with relevant SGN engineering policies and procedures and industry best practice.

Draft specification for off-site testing.

Following the identification of a preferred PE flowstop system for off-site testing a draft off-site testing specification will be created, taking account of the results of the gap analysis undertaken comparing existing available PE flowstop products with current UK standards and specifications. The Draft specification will be included in the final summary report for the project.

The objective of this project is to prove the suitability of using PE flowstopping equipment (up to 10bar(g)) on the GB gas network. 

Following this, the identification of the most suitable equipment and a detailed off site testing specification.

If a suitable technology is found which could be implemented to provide value to the GB Gas Consumer, then it is anticipated that this project could lead into a future stage where the equipment will be purchased and tested in both an off site and on site environment to confirm suitability.

The following success criteria apply to this project:

  • Completed research into global products and systems currently available.

  • Completed review of global products and systems currently available to assess appropriateness for use on GB Gas Distribution Networks.

  • Delivery of an interim report which details the research and review into global products and systems.

  • Completed Gap analysis and risk assessment of products with all relevant gas industry standards.

  • Creation of an off site testing specification.

Delivery of final project report which details all project findings, including gap analysis and risk assessment and detailed testing specification.