Jul 2016
Gas Distribution
PhotonFix™ (Seeker Particles - Stage 3)
Jul 2016
Jul 2018
Hector Salgado, Innovation Project Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Repair
Gas Distribution Networks
The concept that was developed in Stage 2 of the project will require formal testing to optimise the sealing process thereby confirming the best achievable sealant specification and the best achievable deployment (application and curing) mechanism. In addition to this, work will be carried out to understand the relevant standards and accreditation environment for this sealant within the Gas industry, confirming its fitness for purpose.

The wide range of applications where it can be beneficially used throughout the network will be explored specifically with respect to the deployment method through the robotics transport platform developed under SGNs NIC Robotics project.

The specific objectives for Stage 3 are:

  • Design and manufacture test bed suitable for 12” to 24” pipes.
  • Optimise the specification of the sealants to be used in the field.
  • Optimise the specification of a field ready UV light.
  • Optimise the specification for sealant application tooling to be integrated with the preferred robotic deployment platform in Stage 4 of the project. This will ideally be the CIRRIS Robotic Platform developed under SGNs NIC project.
  • Assess the performance of the chosen sealants under using the test rig.
The success criteria for the project are as follows:

  • Define the sealant(s) specification

  • Define the specification for integration into the robotic platform

  • Define the specification for the field ready UV light

  • Outline requirements of relevant standards and accreditation for the sealant within the Gas industry.

  • Confirm applications where the sealant can be used throughout the network.