Jan 2016
Gas Distribution
Advanced Mini Bag Kit
Jan 2016
Jan 2017
Hector Salgado
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Repair
Gas Distribution Networks
The scope of this project is to produce an Advanced Mini Bag Kit to facilitate the exchange of ECV's, whilst removing the need to excavate and physical isolate the gas service. The design and production of a "user friendly", lightweight "no blow" solution for semi-concealed and historic ECV's ensuring GDN’s environmental impact is being is reduced.

The objectives of the project are to produce a kit for ECV exchange enabling:

  • Single Gas Engineer operation.
  • Easy operation within restricted working areas.
  • A "gas free" operation.
  • Isolation of approved low pressure ECV’s straight and semi-concealed (angled) valves
The success criteria for the Project are to evaluate and test the mini bag kit against conventional repair techniques and compare the performance in terms of:

  • Development of a working prototype

  • Carry out field trials of the developed product to test functionality

  • Evaluate performance versus conventional techniques

  • Produce detailed final report including test results from the field trial

  • Disseminate information and project outcomes