Oct 2015
Gas Distribution
Self-Amalgamating Tape (Stage 3)
Oct 2015
Sep 2018
Alex Stewart, Project Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Repair
Gas Distribution Networks
This Project will involve work alongside MACAW Engineering Limited to carry out a technical assessment to expand the use of SAT. It will look to verify its suitability as an alternative system to conventional repair techniques on below ground escapes. The Project will also focus on the suitability of Sat as a permanent repair when used in both below and above ground environments. The outcomes of the Project will be:

  1. Full evaluation of current SGN repair methods including encapsulation, over joint repair clamps and Polyform, and evaluation of suitability for replacement with SAT.

  2. Full review and gap analysis of potential SAT performance across the range of repair scenarios.

  3. Production of a report detailing the findings of the analysis and recommendations for adoption or additional work to meet required repair specification.

  4. Development leading to formal approval of use of SAT for any repairs identified as suitable.

  5. Full life testing in Task 2 should clearly identify if the final repair is fit to be deemed permanent or interim under GIS/LC8-1:2006 including environmental testing.

It was recognised that the testing duration would have to be extended to meet the life testing requirements. Further discussion with the test house has indicated that the testing timescales will have to be extended. Therefore, it is necessary to extend the project for 9 months to allow full analysis and evaluation of the material to take place.

This change is beneficial as it will allow a full evaluation of the materials properties in line with the original project scope without any additional project costs.

The objectives of the Project are to produce:

  1. Produce detailed report with recommendations suitable to be used to seek approval for formal field trials of any repairs identified as potentially suitable to be replaced with SATR. This report should highlight potential limitations and gap analysis, detailing any additional testing required to meet industry requirements.
  2. Production of detailed report and analysis of Life testing confirming recommendation of final repair either permanent or interim depending on outcome of test results.
The success criteria for the Project are to evaluate and test SATR against conventional repair techniques and compare the performance in terms of:

  1. Evaluate the suitability of the tape as a replacement for conventional repair methods

  2. Assess the limitations of SATR in terms of the pipe diameters and materials

  3. Demonstrate the effectiveness of SATR as a permanent replacement for conventional repair on both above and below ground joint types. This will include above ground screwed joints already classed as interim repairs.

  4. Evaluate performance versus conventional techniques

  5. Produce detailed final report including test results and life expectancy of SAT as a repair in expected environments

  6. Disseminate information and project outcomes.