Sep 2015
Gas Distribution
Automated Regulator Maintenance (ARM) (Phase 1)
Sep 2015
Jan 2019
Mark Skerritt, Innovation Project Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Reliability and maintenance
Fault Management and Maintenance & Inspection
The scope of phase 1 of this Project is to evaluate the Wigersma & Sikkema Plexor inspection system and its application in the Great British (GB) gas network, ensuring compliance with relevant Legislation, British, European and industry standards.

The Project has been broken down into a number of potential phases, with phase 1 the only phase to be scoped out fully at this time:

Phase 1: Assessment of Wigersma & Sikkema Plexor System

  • Review of Plexor system design

  • Production of SGN/PM/G/17 and SGN/PM/G/23 documentation

  • Onsite field testing of Plexor system

  • Identify data management method and asset management protocol

  • Review and evaluation of the outputs from Phase 1

Future phases will be scoped out and subsequently registered following the success of phase 1:

Phase 2: Prototype System Design, Development and Review

Phase 3: Prototype System Validation and Field Trial

The objective of this Project is to review the existing Plexor system designs, as well as trial the equipment on a regulator stream ranging in pressures form 0.4 – 75 bar, semi-automatically onsite and remotely using GPS to determine the systems capabilities in live environmental conditions.

This Project phase will be deemed to be successful if the following outcomes are achieved:

  • Undertake an assessment and review of the Plexor system design.

  • Produce SGN/PM/G/17 and SGN/PM/G/23 documentation detailing the correct operating procedures, risk assessments and methodology to be applied for the trials.

  • Development of an associated training packages for the onsite trials.

  • Carry out onsite field trials of the Plexor system.

  • Identify and assess the data management method and asset management protocol

  • Produce and disseminate learning based on final Project report.